Defensive Driving Class

Want to save money? Got tickets? Need points reduced?

A-Knights Defensive Driving School

** 2 for 1 Special Only $45.00 **

Save 10% on Car Insurance with Course Completion Certificate.

Tell all, and bring a friend or family member!

Fridays 9am-4pm. Seats are limited, call or go online to sign up now!

Register now and ENROLL ONLINE or call 770.964.6113 or stop by our school. We are conveniently located at the GMC Campus just down the street from downtown Fairburn & Landmark Christian Academy.

Easy, convenient & saves you money

A-Knights Traffic School

Defensive Driving/Driver Improvement Class Info:

You must be at school by 8:45am to sign in. Class will start PROMPTLY at 9am and will end at 4pm. You will have one hour for a lunch break!

Call 770.964.6113 or ENROLL ONLINE today.

Defensive Driving and the road to driver improvement

A-Knights Defensive Driving Course is certified by The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). Our instructor-led, 6-hour course will equip you with the tools and techniques needed to improve your driving skills, help prevent accidents and increase your safety on the road.

Our interactive learning environment

All of our instructors are certified by The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS), and our courses are held in a professional interactive learning environment.

Defensive Driving course fees

If you need license reinstatement or point reduction, our Defensive Driving Course is $95.00, which is set by the Department of Driver Services.

$95 Reinstatement / Point reduction

$45 Insurance/ Education

Defensive Driving FAQ

What is a Defensive Driving Program?

Our Defensive Driving program is a 6 hour course designed to educate drivers about safe driving habits and attitudes.

Who is Defensive Driving for?

A Defensive Driving course can benefit all drivers. Whether you are looking to refresh your driving acumen or have the need to reduce driving points on your license, a Defensive Driving program can help you. Also, taking a Defensive Driving course can help you get your license reinstated, satisfy a court mandated action; reduce your insurance premium by 10 percent. (Please ask your insurance provider for more in-depth details).

What is the cost of the Defensive Driving course?

If you need licenses reinstatement or point’s reduction, the cost of $95 dollars, which is set by the Department of Driver Services.

How do I register for the a Defensive Driving class?

Students may register and pay for a Defensive Driving course online. Enroll today.

When are Defensive Driving classes held?

Defensive Driving classes are held throughout the week on night and on weekends. Please see our class schedule.