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A-Knights Traffic School – Fairburn, GA

Meet the Founding Family of A-Knights

We are the Knights, the founding family of A-Knights Traffic School. We’ve used our 30 years of experience in effective business management to establish and maintain productive partnerships with both public and private agencies.

The favorable professional relationships created by these partnerships, combined with our superb leadership team, has allowed A-Knights Traffic School to attract instructors who are not only licensed and certified by the Georgia Department of Driver’s Services (DDS), but who are honest and experienced. Every member of our professional team has honed his/her teaching abilities to affect a broader range of students with varying learning styles.

Mr. H. Knight, CEO of A-Knights Traffic School, has a degree in criminal justice. His education, combined with decades of hands-on experience when it comes to evaluating the effectiveness of training and learning techniques, gives A-Knights Traffic School a competitive advantage in an extremely results-driven industry.

At A-Knights Traffic School, we value our most precious resources — people. We care and are determined to be effective in our methods and results. The A-Knights Traffic School team are committed and determined to make a difference in the traffic industry for the safety of all drivers, regardless of age. This is our mission. We invite you to join us on the road to success, and encourage you to be a safe driver on the streets, highways, and interstates of Georgia and across this nation.

Whether you’re looking to reduce points on your driving record, qualify for a ticket dismissal, reinstate a suspended driver’s license, or receive discounted insurance premiums, completing a Defensive Driving Course (DDC) can help you accomplish your goals.

At A-­Knights Traffic, DUI, and Drug School, we’ve designed a Defensive Driving Course certified by The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). Our instructor-­led, 6­-hour course will equip you with the tools and techniques needed to improve your driving skills, help prevent accidents, and increase your safety on the road.

All of our instructors are certified by The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS), and our courses are held in a professional interactive learning environment.

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Our instructors care about student success

Meet the A-Knight’s Traffic School Team